Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Big Design, Big Art

Recently, we completed a self-mailer for Bob Kolbrener Photography. We considered all the electronic opportunities available for marketing, and chose the traditional direct mail approach as the ideal solution for this situation.

Bob's work is best viewed in person but when that option is not available, a printed version is an excellent choice. By using an oversized, folded mailer, we were able to reproduce Bob's photos in a large format. The 12" x 27" layout displays the images in great detail. When you hold the opened piece in your hands, it's quite impressive; an experience that can't be duplicated online.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Logo Design - Part One

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Berkeley Design blog, a twice-monthly publication of what's happening in the studio. This is an opportunity to share with you what we're working on and how we're doing it. We'll post recent work and talk about the process of design, problem solving, and creative solutions. Your business means a lot to us and we're proud of the work we're doing for you. Join us as we share with you why we're in this business and why we enjoy working for you.

You're invited to post your comments and let us know what you think.

Creating a logo for a company begins, not with a layout, but with an understanding of the who-what-why-when-where-and-how of the client.

Keywords and phrases in the write-up for Momentum Coaching & Leadership were: practical, spiritual, nature-based, for women 40-60+, at career crossroads, professional level, high-end executive market, with a design that would be not too highbrow and not gray.

An approach of 3 concepts was presented with feedback leading to the selected design. Emphasis was placed on the word "Momentum" as a memorable brand recall point. The look began with a bold typeface that was redrawn for better clarity and paired with an illustrated green leaf, depicting growth.

The result is a contemporary, distinctive logo with a positive, healthy feel.