Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Design Art of Fine Art

California fine art photographer Bob Kolbrener, asked me to create a direct mail piece for a collection of his original images titled Yosemite in Spring.
     I met Bob in the early 1980s when I worked as the graphic designer for The Saint Louis Art Museum. Over the years I've designed many collateral pieces and several museum books and catalogs for Kolbrener. He trusts me to create layouts that don't get in the way of his fine art photographs. Rather, the design, as Bob puts it, complements his art. I taught myself this discipline and call it The Design Art of Fine Art.
     As a designer, it's tempting to take large images like Bob's photographs and run type over or around them and make it a design of your own. But it takes more discipline to let the art stand on its own and create a layout that adds to the beauty of the imagery.
     With Bob's photos, it's always a win-win situation for me. I give him the room to showcase his art, and in return, I have an example of designing a unique solution for a unique client.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Extra Heavy Duty

Back in November, I posted a story of our relationship with Conveyor Dynamics Corporation. Since the mid 1990s, we've been designing marketing materials to suit the customer's needs. 
     Our most recent layout was for a company brochure that doubles as a folder with a vertical pocket to hold various inserts. The size and scale of Conveyor Dynamics' equipment is massive, so we usually feature it as a main graphic element (note the cover image and the human in the lower right-hand corner). 
     Much has changed in the past 15+ years, and we still find ways to effectively communicate our clients products and services. 

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