Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Cast of Characters

With a cast of characters like Richard Nixon, David Frost, Joan of Arc, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, it's easy to see why I like working with the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis. There's always a plethora of dramatic images to incorporate into the design layouts.
     The materials I create for The Rep are always colorful, engaging and impactful; a winning combination for successful marketing. Information is presented in a clear and precise manner, with strong visuals to help spread their message.
     The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis has a reputation for producing shows of exceptional quality and their collateral materials need to project that same heritage.

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Build A Brand

Explore Green is a worldwide resource of the leading names and creativity about the environment and exploration. They represent scientists, adventurers, eco-celebrities, climatologists, and some of the top thinkers on the planet . . . about the planet. 
     Creating a logo and branding materials for Explore Green was a big challenge. The solution started with a hand drawn, contemporary, forward thinking typefont in lower case letterforms for a softer, user-friendly approach. The letter "x" was rendered in stencil form to suggest the human element or two pieces working together. 
     Colors were chosen for their strong, bright, clean, healthy appearance and to represent earth and space. A circular support symbol was created to indicate the many aspects of Explore Green. The kinetic shape suggests; the sun, growth emanating from a central source, many elements (people, cultures) working together, a bright future and a source of energy. The graduated tones within the symbol give it movement and power.
    Building the brand with collateral materials is Phase Two of the project and draws on the character of the logo for inspiration.
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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nobody Does It Better

We began working with Conveyor Dynamics in the mid 1990s and have maintained that relationship ever since. Most of what we do for them is trade advertising, and marketing sell sheets.
     Recently we launched a new series highlighting key words that define the Conveyor Dynamics company and product standards. Words that still mean a lot in any industry. Words like Innovation and Quality. We backed up these simple and accurate concepts with clean, white backgrounds and big, bold photographs of brightly colored manufacturing equipment. It's a solution that cuts through the clutter of industrial trade publications and leaves a lasting impression on the consumer.
     A computer rendered, Conveyor Dynamics, three-dimensional metal plate helps brand the company as a substantial contributor to their industry.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Worst Client

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I recently discovered who my worst client is . . . me. I'm impossible to please, don't know what I want, am extremely critical of my work and never happy with the finished piece. Until now that is.

When you're a graphic designer, it's extremely hard to sit in the client seat and design for yourself. Recently however, I was very pleased with the process and outcome of working with myself.

Besides my career as a graphic designer, I have an interest in creating fine art photographic images. To that end, I created LARRY TORNO PHOTO; a place for me to explore my creativity with a camera. Part of the process was creating a brand identity for myself and finding a way to market my work. 

I started with a new logo; a very contemporary, streamlined look that is simple and elegant. To exhibit the work, I've begun working with the Bruno David Gallery in St. Louis. For market exposure, I'm creating a series of emails directed at a target market. 

I actually like the work I've done for me, in spite of the fact that I put myself through the wringer to get here. Simplify is my mission and creativity is my goal.

To view more work, read the Torno Photo blog or drop me a line to be added to the E-Blast list. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Creating a Label and a Brand

When Meramec Vineyards wanted a new label for their Missouri red wine, the question became "What could be more Missouri and red than a cardinal?"

Choosing a familiar sight and rendering it as a simple, clean illustration, brought immediate attention and recognition to a newly branded product. The visual builds on the emotional attachment the area has to the bird and the image clearly creates a presence in a crowded, retail setting.

For the Stark's Star label, the direction was to create a label that was uniquely shaped with a non-traditional look. The streamlined illustrative approach again proved to be the answer.

New World Red and Stark's Star are available through Meramec Vineyards .

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Low Cost, High Impact

Creating a palette of bright colors allows us to maximize the client's message impact with limited expense.

A flexible branding system gives a designer the freedom to adapt a layout to the situation while still remaining true to the graphic standards of a client's identity.

In this case, an Open House ad, running in the same publication for two consecutive months, is identical in layout, with changes only to the colors used. The result is a fresh look to an existing design at a minimal cost to the client.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Big Design, Big Art

Recently, we completed a self-mailer for Bob Kolbrener Photography. We considered all the electronic opportunities available for marketing, and chose the traditional direct mail approach as the ideal solution for this situation.

Bob's work is best viewed in person but when that option is not available, a printed version is an excellent choice. By using an oversized, folded mailer, we were able to reproduce Bob's photos in a large format. The 12" x 27" layout displays the images in great detail. When you hold the opened piece in your hands, it's quite impressive; an experience that can't be duplicated online.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Logo Design - Part One

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Berkeley Design blog, a twice-monthly publication of what's happening in the studio. This is an opportunity to share with you what we're working on and how we're doing it. We'll post recent work and talk about the process of design, problem solving, and creative solutions. Your business means a lot to us and we're proud of the work we're doing for you. Join us as we share with you why we're in this business and why we enjoy working for you.

You're invited to post your comments and let us know what you think.

Creating a logo for a company begins, not with a layout, but with an understanding of the who-what-why-when-where-and-how of the client.

Keywords and phrases in the write-up for Momentum Coaching & Leadership were: practical, spiritual, nature-based, for women 40-60+, at career crossroads, professional level, high-end executive market, with a design that would be not too highbrow and not gray.

An approach of 3 concepts was presented with feedback leading to the selected design. Emphasis was placed on the word "Momentum" as a memorable brand recall point. The look began with a bold typeface that was redrawn for better clarity and paired with an illustrated green leaf, depicting growth.

The result is a contemporary, distinctive logo with a positive, healthy feel.