Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Worst Client

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I recently discovered who my worst client is . . . me. I'm impossible to please, don't know what I want, am extremely critical of my work and never happy with the finished piece. Until now that is.

When you're a graphic designer, it's extremely hard to sit in the client seat and design for yourself. Recently however, I was very pleased with the process and outcome of working with myself.

Besides my career as a graphic designer, I have an interest in creating fine art photographic images. To that end, I created LARRY TORNO PHOTO; a place for me to explore my creativity with a camera. Part of the process was creating a brand identity for myself and finding a way to market my work. 

I started with a new logo; a very contemporary, streamlined look that is simple and elegant. To exhibit the work, I've begun working with the Bruno David Gallery in St. Louis. For market exposure, I'm creating a series of emails directed at a target market. 

I actually like the work I've done for me, in spite of the fact that I put myself through the wringer to get here. Simplify is my mission and creativity is my goal.

To view more work, read the Torno Photo blog or drop me a line to be added to the E-Blast list. 

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