Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Build A Brand

Explore Green is a worldwide resource of the leading names and creativity about the environment and exploration. They represent scientists, adventurers, eco-celebrities, climatologists, and some of the top thinkers on the planet . . . about the planet. 
     Creating a logo and branding materials for Explore Green was a big challenge. The solution started with a hand drawn, contemporary, forward thinking typefont in lower case letterforms for a softer, user-friendly approach. The letter "x" was rendered in stencil form to suggest the human element or two pieces working together. 
     Colors were chosen for their strong, bright, clean, healthy appearance and to represent earth and space. A circular support symbol was created to indicate the many aspects of Explore Green. The kinetic shape suggests; the sun, growth emanating from a central source, many elements (people, cultures) working together, a bright future and a source of energy. The graduated tones within the symbol give it movement and power.
    Building the brand with collateral materials is Phase Two of the project and draws on the character of the logo for inspiration.
    Find out more about Berkeley Design.     

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